FixerSisters = Community


I’m Gina, the founder of FixerSisters.

One day, after laying the 1,000th or so laminate flooring panel by myself in my living room/dining room and kitchen, I thought, “I love DIY. Why am I so miserable right now?”

The answer was that the project was huge, repetitive, time consuming and exhausting. And while my house was filled with family and friends, none of them loved DIY like I do, so they weren’t much fun to work with. Not only was I sick of my current project, but I had stopped looking forward to the other projects on my list.

Realizing that there must be other women like me out there – women who love DIY, but who have learned that going it alone can be the pits – I took to social media to find my tribe and look for reinforcements, and found… nothing.

Yes, there was an occasional Facebook post looking for help, but there was nothing that was built for us. And social media is so public! You put out a call for help, and you’re kind of forced to accept whomever offers first, suitable or not.

I wanted a place where we could share our expertise and advice, where we can post our projects and decide in privacy who would be the best fit to help, where we can share pictures of our successes (and even our not-so-successes) and where we can encourage other women to finish their projects, too. I didn’t see that place anywhere.

So I built it.

Please join me in making FixerSisters a community like no other. A place where women DIYers help and encourage other women DIYers.

I look forward to building with you.



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