Building a Custom Greenhouse from a Salvaged Gazebo – Part 1

Fix-In: 6.19.21

So, a few years ago in the fall, I bought and assembled a canvas-top gazebo to cover my 10 x 10.5 deck. It was lovely.

Then a few months later, we got an uncharacteristically heavy snow before I made time to remove the canvas covering. And this happened:

The roof supports and the canvas tarp were unsalvageable. But I loved the side posts and decided to hang onto them for a future project.

Well the future is now. I have an odd sized concrete pad on my side yard, which is the only space on my property that isn’t wooded. So I’m going to use today’s Fix-In to design a custom greenhouse using the side posts.

There will be measuring. There will be sketching. There will be mathing. (I’m hoping there will be someone on the Zoom call who can help with that part.)

I’m excited! I’ll update this post with pics after the Fix-In.

Gina <3