Ready to get out in your garden and GET IT DONE?

I love my yard, but sometimes I’m just not motivated to get out there and do yardwork. (I’m probably distracted by another, shinier DIY project I’ve started somewhere else.)  Plus, yardwork is repetitive in a way that is soothing and Zen-like some days, and just really boring other days. And it’s hot. And humid. And lonely out there.

So, I don’t know about you, but I occasionally let my yardwork pile up. And I don’t know if you know this or not, but weeds get worse the longer you ignore them.

Well, one weekend, while I was putting in long hours in my yard to make up for the neglect, my friend Marian stopped by and offered to help for a couple of hours. It was hot, sweaty, grimy work – and we had to dance around each other a bit to stay socially distanced – but we cleared an entire bed of overgrown weeds. We talked, we laughed, we complained about the mosquitos, and we got it done!

Such a simple concept: sharing a project (even a hot and grimy one) with a friend made it fun!

But, 1) my friend can’t be here every week, 2) some of us don’t have friends like Marian, and 3) we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

So, I took the FixerSisters concept online and started Dig-In: a fun, easy way to get motivated, get some great tips from a gardening pro, ‘hang out’ with other women who love gardening and GET IT DONE. And it’s FREE.

Here’s How It Works

  • Zoom in on the second Saturday of the month, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. (ET)
  • Take a before pic (important!)
  • Tuck your phone somewhere nearby
  • Turn up the speaker or stick in your headphones
  • Hang out with us virtually, ask questions about your problem areas or show off your work
  • GET IT DONE, and enjoy your beautiful yard all week
  • Share your before and after pics on our Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to encourage other FixerSisters

Each Dig-In has an expert gardener on the line, a fellow FixerSister who shares tips and great advice. She’s also there to help answer your questions like, “Is this a weed? Is this okay to touch? Why did this plant die?”

It’s like a garden party! Literally. And when we’re done, you’ve dedicated two hours to yardwork, gained new knowledge about your garden and made new friends.

Heads up: During the cooler season, we’re moving Dig-Ins to once a month on the second Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A Little About Me – Where did the idea for Dig-Ins come from?

I’m a mom and grandma who loves doing my own home improvement projects. I’m also a marketing professional, so writing is a big part of my job, and I love telling stories. But I noticed that as much as I love writing, I consistently put some writing projects on the back shelf. (Just like some DIY projects. Sound familiar?)

Maybe those projects seemed too hard. Maybe they seemed too boring. Whatever the reason, I put them off week after week until I absolutely HAD to do them. And by then they were dragons! Bigger, scarier and harder than ever.

One day, a fellow FixerSister told me about a weekly sprint writing session. You join a group of writers online, and for 90 minutes everybody just puts their head down and GETS IT DONE.

It worked! The shared, dedicated time makes all the difference. You can ask questions, get feedback and get expert advice from the session leader. It has been a game changer.

My friend asked, “Couldn’t you do the same thing with FixerSisters?”

Well, the FixerSisters vision is Friendship • Encouragement • Hands-on Help. We could do two out of three of those online. So, I said what DIYers always say, “I’m gonna try it!”

We put together the online infrastructure, called some gardening experts to help out, and Dig-Ins were born. And for indoor projects, we created Fix-Ins – a dedicated monthly time-slot for assembling stuff (Ikea, we see you), painting stuff and general repairs. (Also, FREE!)

I hope you find Dig-Ins as fun and helpful as I have.

I look forward to getting it done with you. Happy gardening!



  1. Where do I put my phone during a Dig-In?
    1. Put it the same place you put it when you listen to music while you work! You can prop it somewhere, or tuck it in your pocket, or even tuck it in your shirt (Maybe turn the video off. Dig-Ins are G-rated.)
  2. Do I have to turn on the video?
    1. Nope. Some FixerSisters just listen while they work. Some watch others to get ideas for their yard. Share when and if you want.
  3. Will ‘hanging out’ with other gardeners online really help me GET IT DONE?
    1. Yes! Studies show that tackling activities with a group increases accountability and completion rates, and we know it just makes things more fun.
  4. Is there a fee?
    1. Nope. Dig-Ins are free. You just need to create an account.
  5. What if it rains?
    1. It rained in our home neighborhood for the first Dig-In (of course). But it wasn’t raining everywhere! So many of the FixerSisters on the call were out in their yards, getting it done. Plus, we got great info from the expert gardener, and we showed off some of our indoor projects, because there’s no rule that says we can’t. But if it rains in your area during the Dig-In, you’ll get a 100% refund. (Just kidding. Dig-Ins are free.)
  6. What if I need more than a Dig-In? I need hands-on help with my garden!
    1. That’s what FixerSisters Plus is for. With FixerSisters Plus, you can schedule a project at your home (we call them ‘fixes’) and other FixerSisters in your area sign up to help. You can even work one-on-one with another FixerSister virtually!

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