Ready to tackle your project backlog and GET IT DONE?

I love home improvement DIY, but sometimes I need a little extra motivation. Plus, I’ve learned that working with friends who love DIY as much as I do makes it 10X more fun.

One weekend, a FixerSister asked me to just Zoom call with her while she worked on assembling a desk that she had been trying to get to for months. The job felt too big for her to tackle alone. I knew exactly what she was talking about. Sometimes we all need a little boost of motivation and accountability. So at the scheduled time, she set up her phone and we worked ‘together’ on assembling her desk.

It worked! The shared, dedicated time made all the difference. And we had so much fun! It took one more Zoom session, but her desk is lovely!

My friend asked, “Can you offer this to other FixerSisters?” And Fix-Ins were born.

Fix-Ins are a dedicated monthly time-slot for Zooming in and assembling stuff (Ikea, we see you), painting stuff, decorating stuff and making general repairs. And they’re FREE!

Here’s How It Works

  • Zoom in on Saturday mornings, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. (ET)
  • Take a before pic (important!)
  • Tuck your phone somewhere nearby
  • Turn up the speaker or stick in your headphones
  • Hang out with us virtually, ask questions about your problem areas or show off your work
  • GET IT DONE, and enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • Share your before and after pics on our Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to encourage other FixerSisters

Each Fix-In has FixerSisters at various levels of expertise on the line, so you can ask questions or get helpful tips. And you can share your expertise with someone who needs it.

The power of groups is amazing!

At the end of the two hours you will have made great progress on your project and made new friends, too.

A Little About Me – And How I Knew Fix-Ins Would Work

I’m a mom and grandma who loves doing my own home improvement projects. I’m also a marketing professional, so writing is a big part of my job, and I love telling stories. But I noticed that as much as I love writing, I consistently put some writing projects on the back shelf. (Just like some DIY projects. Sound familiar?)

Maybe those projects seemed too hard. Maybe they seemed too boring. Whatever the reason, I put them off week after week until I absolutely HAD to do them. And by then they were dragons! Bigger, scarier and harder than ever.

One day, another FixerSister told me about a weekly sprint writing session. You join a group of writers online, and for 90 minutes everybody just puts their head down and GETS IT DONE.

It worked! The support and accountability of working with a group makes all the difference. You can ask questions, get feedback and get expert advice from the session leader. It has been a game changer.

So when the idea for Fix-Ins came along, I knew it would work. And for outdoor projects and gardening, we created Dig-Ins – a weekly gardening session with an expert gardener on the line giving tips and answering questions. (Also, FREE!)

I hope you find Fix-Ins as fun and helpful as I have.

I look forward to getting it done with you. Happy fixing!



  1. Where do I put my phone during a Fix-In?
    1. Prop your phone some place that allows the other FixerSisters on the call to see what you’re working on.
  2. Do I have to turn on the video?
    1. Nope. Some FixerSisters just listen while they work. Some watch others to get ideas for their own projects. Share when and if you want.
  3. Will ‘hanging out’ with other FixerSisters online really help me GET IT DONE?
    1. Yes! Studies show that tackling activities with a group increases accountability and completion rates, and we know it just makes things more fun.
  4. Is there a fee?
    1. Nope. Fix-Ins are free. You just need to create an account.
  5. What if I need more than a Fix-In? I need hands-on help with my projects!
    1. That’s what FixerSisters Plus is for. With FixerSisters Plus, you can schedule a project at your home (we call them ‘fixes’) and other FixerSisters will sign up to help. You can even work one-on-one with another FixerSister virtually like I did with my FixerSister!

Register for an Upcoming Fix-In

When you register for any Fix-In, we’ll send you the links for all of them. That way you can drop in for a Fix-In whenever you’d like.

Paint ItEvery first Saturday. Painting can be a little, well, boring. But it’s way more fun when we all work on it ‘together.’ Share tips, ask questions and show off your finished work.
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. ESTOnline
Dig-InEvery second Saturday. During the cooler seasons, we’ll be out in our gardens once a month.
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. ESTOnline
Assemble ItEvery third Saturday. Has that unopened Ikea box been staring at you for a few days (or weeks)? Let’s puzzle over those cryptic instructions together. If you’re an assembly pro, share your gifts!
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. ESTOnline
Fix ItEvery fourth Saturday. Plumbing, painting, gardening, general repairs – whatever you want to get done, this is the time. FixerSisters around the country will cheer you on! Breakout rooms are available for more intensive support.
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. ESTOnline