What is a makerspace or community workshop? It’s a DIYer’s dream come true!

A makerspace is a place you can go to work on DIY projects. They have all the tools you need for woodworking, metal working, electronics, sewing, etc., and they make them available to the community for a small monthly fee. They also have experts who will teach you how to use those tools and help you make your dream projects a reality. Like FixerSisters, they create a community of makers, doers and DIYers.

Here’s a list of makerspaces in the U.S. Hopefully there’s one or more near you. If you know of one we’ve missed, please use the form at the bottom of the page, and we’ll add it.



Anchorage, AL
Anchorage Makerspace
Anchorage’s Makers are an enthusiastic group of hobbyists and professionals that identify with the “maker culture” — a movement which encourages experimentation and invention in The Arts and Sciences. The strength of a group is in its members, so if you like to build things (or take them apart), hack hardware, write software, design electronics, work with wood, metal, fiberglass, or plastic, grow your own food, or just look up at the stars and wonder how it all works… well, you’re in the right place.


Mesa, AZ
HeatSync Labs
HeatSync Labs is a community-driven 501(c)3 non-profit shop and workspace where engineers, artists, students, and hobbyists come to make prototypes, art, and other creative projects.
It is a workshop for mad scientists, artists and anyone creating or making! We make tools, resources, and skills available to you.

Tucson, AZ
Xerocraft Makerspace
We are a collection of scientists, engineers, tradesmen, artists, or any other hobby enthusiast, but we almost all share one thing in common: curiosity. We collaborate, hypothesize, learn, teach, create, and socialize. We attempt to hold frequent workshops teaching anything from basic Arduino programming, to how to extract DNA, to how to use a welder or 3D-printer, to how to build a coffee table.



Benicia, CA
Benicia Makerspace
Benicia Makerspace is a place where people come together to learn, collaborate, invent, prototype and test new ideas using state of the art equipment. We are an IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in California as a Non-Profit Corporation. Our space is a community shop where students, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs can make things, use shared equipment, learn new skills, and incubate new business ideas. Areas of interest include but are not limited to, 3D printing, IoT (Internet Of Things) electric vehicles, alternative energy, sustainability, resource conservation, robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, woodworking and metalworking.

Culver City, CA
CRASH Space is a nonprofit organization located in Los Angeles and run by volunteers. It is a part of the growing global hackerspace movement. We are a collection of hackers, programmers, builders, makers, and artists. We promote science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) by teaching classes, participating in events, providing on-line resources, and by running a shared workshop. Our members use the space to work on their projects, share ideas, and help each other create whatever they envision.

Mojave, CA
Mojave Makers
Mojave Makers mission is to serve the community and its people and their unique blend of expertise and passions by providing a workspace, resources, and community in support of education, creativity and innovation in the arts, sciences, and engineering, and to enhance Mojave and surrounding communities through outreach by our members.

Oakland, CA
Ace Makerspace
Ace Makerspace (Formerly Ace Monster Toys, “AMT”) is a 501(c)(3) non­profit member-supported organization founded in 2011. We support traditional makers and craftspeople as well as hackers both digital and material. Our community brings together people of diverse skill levels by providing resources and culture to build networks, co-work, and engage in projects that benefit individuals and the community at large. The resources we develop include spaces and a wide variety of tools and supplies to support making and learning.

Oakland, CA
Nimby a do-it-yourself (DIY), maker, hacker, and industrial art space that provides artists, craftspeople and the average Joe a place to create and innovate in a collaborative environment. Over fifteen years NIMBY grew into the largest do-it-yourself industrial art space in the Bay Area with over 80 different art groups and craftsmen in the shop. The 60,000 square foot space held an incredible variety of makers: metal workers, jewelers, sculptors, painters, set and prop builders, musicians, race car enthusiasts, engineers, plumbers, glass blowers, computer programmers, custom car modification specialists and so much more. In a nutshell, NIMBY is a one-stop shop for innovative, artistic endeavors that boggle the mind.

San Francisco, CA
Double Union
Double Union calls itself a hacker / maker space, because our goal is to create a space where women and nonbinary people can feel equally comfortable knitting, coding, drawing, or using power tools and no one feels pressure to prove they belong here. Double Union members are creating a culture where we don’t just make awesome stuff – we also ask questions, feel confused sometimes, and break things.

San Luis Obispo, CA
SLO Makerspace
General Membership allows the use of the woodshop, advanced woodworking tools, woodturning, metal shop, sewing stations, 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutter, and CNC router table. Each area of the shop requires a Basic Proficiency Test to be taken before access is granted.


Longmont, CO
​Tinkermill is a community of almost 600 people with a vast range of interests that are represented, to a degree, by the shops we maintain. Each is run by members of TinkerMill who volunteer their time, energy and skills putting together a shop, operating it, training new members and the public in how to use the tools and develop the skills needed to create with those tools. They also act as the ‘shop captain’.
Shops you’ll find at TinkerMill:
Amateur Radio – Blacksmithing Shop – Electronics/Robotics Shop – Foundry – Glassworks (Lampwork) – Jewelry, Metalcraft & Lapidary – Metal Machine Shop – Paint Booth – Photography – Pottery – Rapid Prototyping (3D printing) – Sculpting – Shopbot – Stained Glass – Textiles – Welding – Woodshop 




Lauderhill, FL
Maker’s Lair
A makerspace, also known as Hackerspace, TechShop and FabLab, is a “community center” that provides space, tools, technology, manufacturing equipment and educational opportunities to the public.It’s a workplace where people gather to share ideas, resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, collaborate, build and show off.A Makerspace is the perfect resource for tinkerers, creative artists, roboticists, 3D designers, wood workers, startups, product development, DIY projects, mad scientists, evil geniuses and all who aspire to learn more.

Longwood, FL
FamiLAB is Central Florida’s provider of space, tools, and community for creative technical learning and projects. If you are looking for a great place to meet like-minded people, learn, collaborate on projects, and have access to great tools, FamiLAB is the place for you!





Chicago, IL
Pumping Station One
Pumping Station: One is a community of hackers and makers that work together to become greater than the sum of their parts. Woodshop, CNC, electronics, hot metals, cold metals, arts.

Chicago, IL
South Side Hackerspace
We’re a do-ocracy. If you want something done, do it.
The South Side Hackerspace is a collection of nerds, makers, tinkerers, doers, hackers, artists, students, teachers, and other creatives. We meet in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, where we teach, learn, make, and socialize in our educational and collaborative community space.

Rockford, IL
Rockford MakerSpace
Rockford MakerSpace is part of a growing movement of people gathering together to make, build, hack, create, and repair things. These are often known as makerspaces or hackerspaces, and they’re like a community workshop. You personally may not have an enormous workshop filled with amazing tools…but now you do! Because you can stop by and use ours for free, whenever a member is present. Or, imagine the freedom and power of getting a key for 24/7 access whenever you felt like making something! Just sign up for an affordable monthly membership and the world is your oyster.









Somerville, MA
Artisan’s Asylum
Artisan’s Asylum is a nonprofit makerspace devoted to the teaching, learning and practice of fabrication. Our community shares tools & equipment, offers affordable classes to the public, enjoys flexible membership and workspace, hosts speakers, special events and more.


Ann Arbor, MI
All Hands Active (AHA)
AHA! is a space to create. We help with a wide assortment of processes like soldering, sewing, laser cutting, software development, 3d printing, CNC routing, app development, carpentry, machining, Arduino and embedded systems programming. Our goal is to make technology and fabrication as fun and empowering as playing with Legos. We put diverse skills and equipment under one roof to accommodate the unanticipated needs of creative and innovative projects.
We believe that if you can’t fix it, you don’t own it. At AHA! you can take apart the things you take for granted: learn how they work and how to adapt them to your purposes!




Kansas City, MO
Hammerspace Workshop is home to Kansas City’s awesome community of makers, crafters and inventors. It’s where you go to exercise your creativity. It’s where you bulk up your knowledge, and work out your designs. Rip a board, sandblast a rusty tool, etch a circuit board, 3D print a missing piece, or build a robot lawnmower. Wood and metal working, silver and black smithing, welding, molding, casting, soldering, electronics, robotics, rocketry, air brushing, or just fixing a broken doohickey. You can learn to do it all yourself.




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM
Quelab is a Nonprofit organization started as an entirely self-funded and membership-driven organization.  It is staffed by a group of passionate volunteers who strongly believe that hackerspaces can help make the world a better place.  Quelab is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.
We provide: Laser cutters, digital arts lab – wide format photo printer & vinyl cutter, 3D printer lab, photography darkroom, wood shop, fiber arts, machine shop, hot area – welding, melting furnace, WiFi, whiteboards, data projector, game room, and most importantly – community!

New York

Brooklyn, NY
Gowanus Studio Space
The Gowanus Studio Space (GSS) offers space, equipment and support to emerging designers, artists and craftspeople. Located in the historically industrial neighborhood along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, GSS houses a large industrial arts workshop as well as private studios and exhibition space. By providing training, workspace, tools and resources, GSS encourages cross-pollination between the art/design communities; supports new businesses and design projects; and is a vital arts resource for the surrounding community.

Buffalo, NY
The Foundry Buffalo
The Foundry’s makerspaces are used by hundreds of students, entrepreneurs and community groups every year for a wide range of educational, small business and neighborhood needs. In addition to regularly scheduled programming, we have Open Maker Hours where anyone can come to learn more and use tools for projects.

Staten Island, NY
Staten Island Makerspace
6,000 sq ft indoor industrial fabrication facility with 35 ft ceilings and overhead cranes for large scale work. 27,000 sq. ft. outdoor space for public art, events, and workshops. Semi-private studio space rentals. Welding, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Ceramics, 3D Printing, AND MORE!

North Carolina

Durham, NC

Bull City Woodshop
The Bull City Woodshop is a youth centered organization that guides individual development, fosters community connection, and cultivates creativity through woodworking. We will soon be offering use of The Woodshop space during the time when classes are not in session. There will be a daily or monthly rate for makers to utilize the tools in The Woodshop. The profits from this program will help to fund the after school program.

Splat Space is a multidisciplinary makerspace and hackerspace at 800 N. Mangum in Durham. We are a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit. We are 100% member-funded and member-driven. Everyone is welcome! Our members are crafters, engineers, mad scientists, artists, programmers, tinkerers and makers of all kinds!

Greensboro, NC
Forge Greensboro is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community makerspace. It is a place where hands-on people can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, tools, and knowledge. Members of the Forge come from a diverse variety of backgrounds. Students, entrepreneurs, artisans, trade professionals, tinkerers, and hobbyists enjoy the space, community, and resources of Forge Greensboro.

Wilmington, NC
Here, you’ll find all the tools and technology needed to support your endeavors, as well as a tight-knit community to connect with. With department workshops, offices, communal space, and flexible space ready to be tailored to our members’ needs, we offer the latest resources and a clean, comfortable environment to work in.

North Dakota


Akron, OH
Akron Makerspace
We are a Makerspace that provides tools, training, and a location for members of the community to learn hands-on skills and enter into entrepreneurship roles. Akron Makerspace is open to the public. We host classes and events centered around crafting and building in everything from sewing and jewelry, to wood- and metal-working, laser cutting, 3D printing, software development, and robotics. Staffed by volunteers, Akron Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to building a better future with residents, start-ups, and established businesses in Northeast Ohio.

Cincinnati, OH
The Manufactory
The Manufactory is a 17,000 sq. ft. membership workshop in northern Cincinnati. Our workshops are chock full of equipment and tools, and it is the perfect place for anyone who likes to build things. Our space and community are designed to bring out the best in you. As you and other members bring their projects to life you will be inspired and in turn be an inspiration to others.  Whether your goals are serious, or just for fun, there are many like-minded people that you will want to meet. As Cincinnati’s only fully equipped makerspace we offer a vast array of equipment and tools.




N. Philadelphia, PA & S. Philadelphia, PA
Here, you’ll find all the tools and technology needed to support your endeavors, as well as a tight-knit community to connect with. With department workshops, offices, communal space, and flexible space ready to be tailored to our members’ needs, we offer the latest resources and a clean, comfortable environment to work in.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



Austin, TX
ASMBLY Makerspace
Asmbly Makerspace is here to serve Austin’s creative community with key-card access to over 8,000SF of air-conditioned workspace. Including: A complete metal shop with MIG, TIG and stick welding, band saws and grinders. A well-appointed wood shop with enough equipment to produce anything from custom cabinetry to bowls or cutting boards. Two CO2 laser cutters with bed size up to 2’x4′, both of which can be scheduled for 3-hour blocks. A large format 5’x8′ CNC with vCarve as well as a Shark HD 3 for smaller projects. A fleet of 3D printers including FDM and SLA with print sizes ranging up to 9“ cube. Industrial Juki sewing machine with servo control and walking foot.

Dallas, TX
Dallas Makerspace
Dallas Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, shared community workshop and laboratory. We are an organized group of local artists, engineers, makers, and thinkers who work together to provide tools and learning resources to the public.

Houston, TX
We enjoy a challenge. We seek out opportunities to learn, create and innovate, and we encourage this in others. Our diverse network of creators, artist, and inventors coupled with tools and knowledge, enable dreams to become reality. We teach people of all ages and backgrounds the skills they need to build a future full of novelty and inspiration




Norfolk, VA
757 Makerspace
757 Makerspace is a community workshop and studio space.  Though, these words do not accurately capture the breadth of all the Makerspace encompasses. Since 2013 we have provided tools and equipment for designers, technologists, innovators, artists and creatives that share space to bring creative works to life. In the “Dream Factory” you will find: space to create and work on your projects of all shapes and sizes, a great selection of tools and equipment with specialized areas of interest including wood shop, metal shop, sewing lab, textiles, jewelry, pottery, electronics, CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, molding/casting/props/cosplay and more, instruction on the safe and efficient use of the tools and equipment, and a welcoming community of interesting, creative people just like you.

Reston, VA
Nova Labs is a multifunctional space enabling the maker community to learn, create and collaborate. Our makerspace allows our member community to access resources, tools, advanced machining and technology equipment to craft, make, prototype and fabricate. Join today and rediscover the joy of making.
It is the ultimate workspace for the hobbyist, tinkerer, engineer, artesian and entrepreneur to create and collaborate with others.


Seattle, WA
Seattle Makers
We are a group of makers creating a community and a space that provides all the knowledge and tools to make your ideas a reality. Whether you’re a long-time maker, in a specialized field looking to expand, or just curious, you are welcome to join us! We provide tools and education to an ever-expanding group of makers, students, and businesses by creating a world-class fabrication and teaching facility that is accessible to all.

Washington, D.C.

West Virginia

Elkins, WV
West Virginia Wood Technology Center
The WVWTC Woodworking Center features more than 30 pieces of woodworking machinery and equipment. This equipment is available for training and rental. The center offers technical advice and monthly skill-set seminars. Training classes can be customized to suit your individual needs.


Madison, WI
The Bodgery
The Bodgery is part of a growing movement of people gathering together to make, build, hack, create, and repair things. Often known as makerspaces or hackerspaces, they’re like a community workshop. You may not personally have an enormous workshop filled with amazing tools…but at The Bodgery you do! You can stop by and use most of our tools for free, twice a week on our Open Shop nights.

Madison, WI
Full memberships are 100/month, 50/month for college students. This membership gives you access to the space, tools, and equipment you’ve been trained to use. We offer a la carte classes for more sophisticated equipment like welders, mills, lathes, 3D printers; and require a shop safety/orientation class to keep the insurance companies happy and you safe. Most classes are (roughly) flat rate 20/hour.

Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Makerspace
Milwaukee Makerspace, at its heart, is a place for people who like to build, invent, tinker and/or learn new skills and expand their minds. We have a wide range of skill sets in our membership and you’re likely to find someone who can talk about most any technical concept with you in a meaningful way. We are a physical space where you can come, 24/7 as a member, and have access to wide array of equipment you are not very likely to have at home. Plus, there are folks around the space that can give you tips and pointers on operating that equipment effectively.
In our space you’ll find people into electronics, robots, wood working, embedded software, metal working (including welding, forging and casting) music, art, video, photography, electric cars, sewing, textiles, printing and much more. We’ve found that having such people pursuing their interests in close proximity to one another leads to a lot of productively, personal satisfaction and some amazing collaborative projects. We hope you’ll come be a part it.


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